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We are one of the best caterers in Pune. Our team consists of expert chefs who have a collection of recipes of all varieties of cuisines which are available for you to choose from when you visit us. We are specialized in tradtional Maharashtrian Food. We Also provides Non-Veg on special demands. We are also specialized in Bengali Sweets like Angur Bhog,Pistapunch, Rasmadhuri ,Malai Sandwhich ,Sona Tos
Malai Chamcham Roze Malai and more.


Maharashtrian Buffet

  • Msala Rice, Plain Rice, Daal, Ghee, Salt, Limbu, Chutney, Koshimbir, Papad, Bhaji,Alou Bhaaji, Batata Bhaaji, Puri, Jilebi, Mattha.

Special Buffet

  • Soup Or Welcome Drink, Two Sweet (One Special & One Regular)Two Bhaaji,One Farsan, Rice Curry,Puri,Pratha Green Salad, Pickle, Chutney

Super Deluxe Buffet

  • Welcome Drink, Soup, Chat Counter  (Two Items) Two Sweet (Special) Two Bhaaji, One Farsan, Rice Curry, Roti,(One Special & One Regular) Two Salad + Green Salad Two Phulke, Two Chutney Ice Cream ( Vanilla Or Mango ) Masala Pan, Bisleri Water

Grand Buffet

  • Welcome Drink (Three}, Chat Counter (Three}, Soup(Two}, Live Counter (Any Three) Main Course Bhaaji (Any Three}, Dal Rice, Starter (Three},Roti (Three Types}, Salad (Five}, Desert (Four), Masala Pan, Bisleri Water,Ice Cream

Regular Buffet

  • One Sweet (Regular) Two Bhaaji,One Farsan,Rice Curry,Puri, Phulkha / Chapati,Green Salad, Pickle, Chutney

Deluxe Buffett

  • Soup Or welcome Drink, Two Sweet (One Special & One Regular) Two Bhaaji,One Farsan, Rice Curry,Puri,Pratha  Two Salad, Pickle, Two Chutney Ice Cream ( Vanilla Or Strawberry)Masala Pan, Bisleri Water

Royal Buffet

  • Welcome Drink (Two), Chat Counter (Three), Soup, Live Counter (Any Two}, Bhaaji (Two Veg}, Dal Rice Starter (Two},
    Roti Counter (Three), Salad (Three), Desert (Three), Masala Pan, Bisleri Water

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